Guns And Rosa (Texas Hearts Book 2)

| June 2, 2015


Guns And Rosa (Texas Hearts Book 2)


“I would recommend this to anyone without hesitation.”


“A book worth sharing.”

“The book kept me reading to see what would happen next.”


Rosa Manriquez is trapped in a disreputable job working for a nefarious boss, known to everyone as simply “Eddie”, who does not allow his topless dancers to leave his employ without his express permission – for which Rosa has been waiting for years. She is finally released from the prison when she finds the him dead on the adult club dance floor.

Wanting to start a new, clean life, she ends up getting a job at a motel in Fort Worth, Texas. The owner of the motel, a Zimbabwe native named George Marima, is instantly as attracted to her as she is to him.

But nothing about their relationship ends up being easy. First, he is thrown for a loop when he finally finds out what she previously did for a living, and then she becomes convinced that because of her past, she can never be good enough for George.

As they work through their personal struggles, so must Tina, a single mother of three who used to work for George and is growing more and more desperate to salvage her family and find a job.

In the meantime, a former co-worker of Rosa’s decides to take the murder matter into his own hands. What he discovers and brings to George and Rosa shocks them, but not nearly as much as when the killer shows up at a motel staff meeting, threatening to shatter the lives – and love – of everyone there.

This full-length contemporary fiction novel melds the modern world, old-fashioned romance, and suspense with the themes of redemption and purity. It is the sequel to “The Envelope”, and the second book in the “Texas Hearts” series. HOWEVER, a reading of the first novel is NOT necessary in order to follow the plot of “Guns And Rosa.”


PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This contemporary fiction work is also an expansion of

two of Emily Josephine’s short stories, “Pure Rosa” and “Guns And


In addition, be aware of THIS DISCLAIMER: while this novel is inspirational in nature, we are reluctant to bill is as “Christian fiction” as it does contain occasional mild profanity to make the rougher characters more realistic. However, there are no sex scenes.



Emily Josephine has a passion to help others to draw closer to God by writing inspirational fiction that makes a difference. She fits in her writing between homeschooling her son and living the simple homesteading life with her husband.


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