Embracing Quincy, Our Journey Together

| April 16, 2013

Embracing Quincy, Our Journey Together

A True Story of the Mystical, Unbelievable and Unexplainable

When a high-tech ultrasound at 22 weeks revealed that Quincy may be trisomy 18, the Marsh family was given a choice: to terminate or to continue Embracing Quincy.

What happens when you’re told that your baby will probably not live? And if by some miracle she does live, she will be extremely disabled? Embracing Quincy takes you on the path almost never traveled by a couple that is decidedly not religious but very spiritually oriented. It shows you a naked glimpse into their personal lives, their travels and their mystical journey with their trisomy 18 baby Quincy.

Unless you’ve experienced losing a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or a baby dying shortly after birth, you may think this book isn’t for you. But Embracing Quincy is full of stories of love, humor, psychic phenomena and coincidences that will make even the most skeptical start to question their beliefs. This book will take you to far away lands as it weaves Quincy’s story in and out of the Marsh’s moves and travels and search for creating a sustainable farm on which to raise their family.

Embracing Quincy delves into deeper issues such as “pro life” versus “pro choice” abortion decisions, karma and reincarnation, the possibility of effecting miracles through quantum physics and the law of attraction, and the power of prayer in large numbers.

Please feel free to click on the “Look Inside” feature above to see the Table of Contents and first chapter to get a feel for this book.

A Personal Note from the Author: 10% of the gross profit from the sales of this book will go to support various trisomy 18 and NICU charities every month.


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