Mystery At The Redstone Mine: Adventures Of An Obsidian Knight

| June 5, 2015


Mystery At The Redstone Mine: Adventures Of An Obsidian Knight :: Interdimensional Dragons - OverLords & Talismans :: It All Began Here...

An Exciting Adventure With Intergalactical Dragons – Time Jumping OverLords – Brave Young Knights & Ancient Secrets :: The Beginning

This action packed fantasy adventure will have your heart pounding and your eyes glued to the pages, as it transports you away into a alternate reality of epic battles and treachery.


The mysterious, ancient, and beautiful Allaire comes through the portal from Under World back into Overworld on a secret mission from her powerful Dragon Master Morach. She is to make the final preparations for his revenge.

Cor’Vos is a young, handsome Obsidian Knight. What he lacks in training and skill he makes up for in courage and determination. When he crosses paths with Allaire both their destinies are changed forever. Allaire is on a mission to destroy the very king Cor’Vos has sworn to serve and protect.

Once both Cor’Vos and Allaire learn they are mere pawns in ancient feud that neither knows the whole truth about they must chose between staying true to their oaths, or fighting for what’s right.

When a powerful enemy turns out not to be dead, all of Overworld and End World are thrown into turmoil. As Cor’Vos and Allaire come under attack from every side they have no choice but to trust each other.

Will their trust be enough to keep them alive when their masters will stop at nothing to see them killed?

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