Zen Gardens Stress Cure: Four Seasons of Relaxation Techniques and Zen Mindfulness

| June 5, 2015


Zen: Zen Gardens Stress Cure: Four Seasons of Relaxation Techniques and Zen Mindfulness (Zen Gardening, Zen Habits, Zen Buddhism, Relaxation and Stress ... Exercises, Mindfulness Meditation)

Zen Techniques to Get Rid of Stress: The Zen Gardens Stress Cure

This book is about how Zen gardens can help you to fight winter, summer, autumn, and fall seasonal mood changes. It will give the suitable relaxation or meditation technique that you can do for each season. The book also provides step-by-step zen procedures on how you can deal with your relationships to your family and other people around you in each season to effectively guide you on the things that you should do in order to have a tranquil and soothing zen life.

The Zen Gardens Stress Cure will provide you the effective ways on how to live a happier and stress-free zen life through creating miniature Zen gardens of your choice.

Some highlights that you can enjoy while reading the book:


    • Haikus or Zen mini poems


  • Zen gardens images that are especially created for a particular season in which can inspire you in making your own miniature Zen garden.



  • How does each season affects your mood?



  • How each feature included in the zen gardens transmits good vibes or positive energy to help you avoid negative feelings.



  • Where to set up your miniature Zen garden in order to help you feel better and more relaxed.



  • Relaxation and meditation techniques: How they will help you attain inner peace and joy during a specific season.



  • You will also get useful advice on how you can deal with your relationships within the entire season.



The real purpose of having miniature Zen gardens is that it will help you relax and de-stress whenever you need a moment of hush and inner peace. The Zen gardens main goal is to evoke a feeling of peace, calmness, and tranquility. Its key components are rocks, sand, or gravel that makes a Zen zone in your home.

Zen gardens allow you to create your own little place of tranquility and peace right on the top of your desk.

Therefore, The Zen Garden Stress Cure will provide you useful insights to help you come with your own Zen gardens plan and create it just like how you want it to be. Additionally, Zen gardens are really nice to look at and are very much affordable to make. They will not require you frequent maintenance and ease from watering or feeding this piece of art. All you have to do is find the best place to put it on your desk and enjoy your Zen anytime you wish to have it.

Why This Book?

The book is written with the aim to help those who are in need of an excellent way of relaxation and peace generating art piece that can be placed anywhere you desire to put in your home. This serves as an ultimate guide to achieve inner tranquility and peace with the help of miniature Zen gardens.

Worry no more because this book is sure to help you forget all your worries and stress away and face every day with great positivism and good vibes. Meet each season with preparedness and calmness to face each new season with all the energy you need thanks to the Zen gardens stress cure.

Cure stress and generate mindfulness in order to overcome every obstacle that is on your way. Always remember that life is like an artwork, enjoy every minute of looking at it for when it’s gone, you can never put back the feeling you had while you still have it.

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