Caveman’s Revenge: Paleo Diet Cookbook

| June 5, 2015


Paleo Cookbooks: Paleo Cookbook with 41 Red Hot Melt The Pounds Fast Weight Loss Recipes Uncovered With Your Top Paleo Diet Questions Uncovered (Paleo, ... diet for beginners, paleo for beginners)

Caveman Spills All The Beans with His New Paleo Diet Cookbook.

Decided to Finally Throw in the Towel on Your Weight Loss Dreams? What if I Told You That You’re Weight Loss Lies within the Oldest, Simplest Diet Known to Man. It Goes All The Way Back To Caveman. Yes, we’re talking The Paleo Diet.
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Look, you have questions. You’re probably asking can this Paleo Diet really work for me. How does it work? Caveman’s Revenge Paleo Diet Cookbook you will get every single question answered in detail. This cookbook is more like a beginner’s guide to not only the Paleo Diet but more to a starter’s manual to a new you. A beginner’s manual to a brand new lifestyle for you, your family and anyone else you care about. Each section is broken down and explained in precise detail:

• Why do the Paleo Diet? What are best reasons to get started with the Paleo Diet?

• Will I be able to eat out?

• Women and men Paleo Diet? Do they differ and what differences are there? Are there better ways to diet with the Paleo Diet for different sexes?

• Is Paleo good for diabetics? Why is good for diabetics?

• How to get started on Paleo?

• Carbs? Explain what carbs are in the Paleo Diet? And what effect they have?

• Fats and why they are very important to the Paleo Diet?

• Vitamins. Are vitamins good on diet? Which vitamins might enhance the Paleo Diet? Where are these available?

• Sleep. How does the Paleo Diet increase sleep? Why does it help sleep? What exact Paleo foods increase sleep and why do they decrease insomnia?

• Paleo Diet and diseases. How does the Paleo Diet help with disease? Why does it help with fighting disease? When does it affect the fighting of disease?

• Hormones in meat. How do I protect myself against hormones?
12. Olive oils and the Paleo Diet.

• Coconut oils, where can I find it?

• Proteins. What is so important about proteins and how does it affect the body and why do proteins do what they do? How come it’s so vital for the Paleo Diet?

• How to start the Paleo Diet?

And so much more! Not only a fantastic beginner’s guide to the Paleo Diet but you have but a full-fledged Paleo Diet cookbook with 41 red hot, melt-the-pounds delectable Paleo Diet recipes. It’s like having 2 books in one. Here are but a few to wet your appetite…

• Strawberry Creamy Shake

• Lemonade

• Spicy Caffeine Free Tea

• Raspberry lime Energy Drink

• Strawberry Mania

• Coconut Flour Pancakes

• Apple Puff Pancakes

• Eggs, Beef and Sweet Potato Breakfast

• Shrimp with Fruits

• Banana Pancakes

• Daily Cookies

• Hamantaschen Cookies

• Lump crab Garlic Soup

• Butternut and Apple Soup

• Rosemary and Herb Mashed

• Chicken Breast Coconut Soup

• Tomato Basil Soup

And So much more!

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