Submersion (Book 1)

| June 6, 2015


Submersion: Submersion trilogy - Book 1

Submersion is the latest thriller from Guy A Johnson – the author of Back to the Old House and doG Backwards – set in the claustrophobic environs of a devastated city, where luxury is absent, food scarce and it’s not clear who you can trust. Rich with dark and detailed characterisations, like his previous works, its unexpected twists and shocks will keep you hooked and guessing till the very end…

A missing girl. A search across a flooded city. A resurgence of terror.

And there’s something in the water. Something pushing its way up to the surface. Young Billy finds it one day when he is rowing a borrowed boat home. It’s dead, seemingly harmless, but what it represents isn’t.

Far from it.

But that’s not all.

A crazy old hoarder. A curious old shop, frozen in time. A face at a window.

And at the heart of it all, the missing girl…

New edition – November 2014.


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