Kitty and Bobcat Find a Spaceship

| April 15, 2013


Kitty and Bobcat Find a Spaceship

(4,000 word story with 20 colorful illustrations)

This hilarious book tells the story of the complex lives of modern-day cats; cats who live in the city, get their kicks off of catnip, and frequent Facebook to see what their other cat friends are up to.

Day-to-day life for Kitty and Bobcat is pretty mundane until they discover a spaceship. When the neighborhood bully, Tuff-House, finds out about their discovery, he attempts to intimidate them into handing it over to him and his cohorts. High-jinks ensue as Bobcat and Kitty take on Tuff-house and his gang of mangy kitties, and try to overcome bullying in the best way cats know how.



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