Nighthawk: The Rescue (Book 1)

| June 7, 2015


Nighthawk: Nighthawk Series Book 1: The Rescue

Lt. Winston Jackal, call-sign Nighthawk is a highly decorated Navy Seal who is well-known for his ability to maintain a super cool composure even in the worst of all combat situations. Guided by his personal code of Nobody Gets Left Behind and honour of a Navy Seal, he took his team of 5 other elite troopers and accomplished countless combat missions all over the world.

Tonight, Nighthawk and his team of elite soldiers are en-route to a conflict zone in war-torn Burma. Heavily armed with state-of-the-art combat technology, their mission is to rescue a high priority individual by the name of Sandy Reuben.

The mission briefing is simple – go in quiet, extract high priority target and get out quiet. Fast, quiet and smooth. Nobody gets hurt. And if anyone tries to stop you, shoot him before he shoots you.

Nighthawk, Beast, Angel, Chips, Badger and Knife – the team of badass navy seals sits in the rear chamber of a heavily modified C130 spectre gunship and got their gear ready.

“Just another day at the office” Nighthawk grinned.

The red light in the aircraft turned green with a buzzer and the team of 6 leapt out of the C130 into the Burmese night sky.


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