If I Can Do It, You Can Too: Inspirational true stories of how to overcome adversity

| June 10, 2015


IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN TOO: 20 true, graphic, emotional and inspirational stories of how to overcome adversity

Have you ever faced adversity?

Me too, and I know the trail of devastation that it can leave behind.

For the past 20 months, I have spent hours seeking inspiration from

regular people with real life stories. As part of my journey, I have spoken

to people in the US, Kenya, India and the UK.

I have interviewed people who were born with a debilitating disability,

paralysed in the prime of their lives, diagnosed with cancer and

engulfed by addiction.

What I learned is this:

through adversity, inspiration can be found.

The amazing true stories I encountered include:

 People who have created charities that have changed the world.

 People who have been plagued by addiction for years and

gone on to save lives.

 People dogged with self-doubt who are now best selling authors.

 People who were told they would never walk who went on

to become champion athletes.

 People who have had out-of-body experiences and spoken to God.

How this book can help you…

Listening to the stories of so many incredible people has helped me to

formulate six key steps that can help you come out of the worst times

and choose the life you desire.


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