Exploit (The Abscond Trilogy Book 1)

| June 11, 2015


Exploit (The Abscond Trilogy Book 1)

Journey from the intracoastal mansions of Fort Lauderdale, through the steamy tropical decadence of Key West, and into the powerful underworld of organized crime in Miami where everything sparkles and shines (but only to hide a sinister darkness). Join best friends Colin and Dolph on a road trip that will call into question the very meaning of their existence. Their money is unlimited so all contrivances take on a meaningless neutrality. In the end, it is the commerce of their lives that will ultimately become priceless.

Exploit combines clear, fast-paced storytelling with eloquent, hypnotic prose that transcends genre fiction by elevating the crime/heist thriller with irresistible language, an intricate but tight story, and an emotionally riveting twist. Exploit: If your enemies don’t kill you, your friends will.

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