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| July 14, 2007


Let’s say you are socially inept. You would rather have a root canal, jury duty, and traffic school, all rolled up in one than engage in small talk.

Tonight you are going to a party where networking (which means being charming and engaging in small talk), will make the difference between, staying the valet parking attendant or becoming the new vice president of sitting in the cushy office with a view.

You can’t afford the risks of downing several shots, or a handful of Xanax. What to do? Drum Roll please… That’s right kids. Google trends to the rescue.

Google will not only help you find anything, advertise anything, create revenue and market research about anything. But now just by browsing the recent hot topics of Google trends you will be armed with enough interesting tidbits you can network at any function and never run out of material.  :smile:

You can also use it to check out the latest topics people are searching for. Which can be used for making your site relevant as well.

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