| June 12, 2015



[Ancient Egyptian Creation Myth, 30,000 words]

The life of a savior. The life of a god.

There are times when I wonder what would have happened if things had turned out differently between them. Horus was so good, so pure. Seth was not. They seemed like twin souls doomed to decide the fate of Egypt between them, the two brightest figures of their age. And where was I? Where do I figure into a myth woven from their mutual hatred? Well, I’ll tell you.

My name is Anubis. Khenty-Imentiu. Neb-Ta-Djeser. Weighty titles, to be sure, and earned through no idleness. For ages I have tended to the dead and guided their souls to the scales. It’s my duty, appointed to me by the great Re himself, the god of all creation and ferryman of the sun. This honor was given to me as a reward for my services to the pharaoh, my brother. The story of my life weaves in along with the tale of his greatness, and to my thinking the two cannot be told separately. But if I tell it, I must start at the beginning. The beginning of everything that has ever existed.

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