World of Echos

| June 13, 2015


World of Echos

Lucille Middleton and Brent Ramsey were childhood friends separated by tragedy. Their small village in Bristol was stricken by cholera outbreak. The smell of death spread the small town. Lucille’s father and two of Brent’s brothers died of severe dehydration. Lucille’s family moved to their nearest of keen in Birmingham. Being more well off, Brent and his

family flew to America where they have financially recovered shortly. Many things have changed through the turn of the years. Lucille became a teacher. Brent had an extravagant life and became a pilot. Girls came here and there. Brent barely had long relationships. He was a playboy during their time because he was undoubtedly handsome. A very special event unexpectedly brought them together and that was how romance sprang forth.

They became so romantically inclined to each other but another tragedy took them away from each other’s arms. Buckets of tears and heart wrenching moments will wrap around the story as it unfolds. But true love can wait forever. What happened to their love story is yet to be discovered.


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