The Invisible Organization: How Ingenious CEOs Are Creating Thriving, Virtual Companies

| June 15, 2015


The Invisible Organization: How Ingenious CEOs Are Creating Thriving, Virtual Companies

Not too long ago, I ran a 300 person company, generating nearly $30M in sales from my spare bedroom. As the CEO of Business Breakthroughs, Int’l, a Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes Company. We generated nearly 100% growth several years running, smoothly and easily. Why, because we had perfected the art of being Invisible.

Companies all over the world could greatly benefit from moving part of even all their staff to work from home. Using the techniques and strategies inside The Invisible Organization, all that is possible, quickly and efficiently.

Inside the book I tackle the key element of what stops CEO’s from being effective at making the transition, I address the management issues and provide a manifesto for moving the whole company forward. My book is not necessarily a technology book, yet I cover the technology I use and recommend.

Instead, it’s a handbook on managing the whole process, from changing your mindset as the CEO, to getting buy-in from your entire team. Then designing and implementing a management and technology plan to eliminate the soul-sucking, money wasting commute of many of your daily staff.

If your company needs to jumpstart morale, growth and profits by shedding overhead and thrilling staff, this book is a must read.

Visit and get involved in a movement that’s sweeping the country as Ingenious CEO see for themselves how they too can change the game by going Invisible!

Jay Abraham says: “Mitch Russo provides a rather refreshing new slant on growing a business to double, redouble, maybe even double again and again – without heavy fixed investment in people, equipment and costs. Mitch’s strategy delivers a serious read and even more serious reflection by any CEO who is stuck in a no-growth mode or delaying with limited resources.”


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