Dig Two Graves: Revenge or Honor

| June 15, 2015


Dig Two Graves: Revenge or Honor

OSS commando, Lt. John Pantheras,
stumbles onto a horrific plot in war torn Greece. The Nazis are collecting a
ransom from every Greek Jew, but they plan a double cross. Lt. Pantheras, a
Greek resistance leader and a rabbi turn the Nazi plot on its head, helping the
Jews escape, but John disappears with the loot.


Seventy years later AJ Pantheras
learns about his grandfather, the theft, and what could be the key to his
father’s murder. He seeks out the missing fortune with the help of an elderly
Greek and a shapely Italian PI., but AJ isn’t the only one look. He has to stay
one-step ahead of a pair of hired killers and the shadowy former Nazi officer
who may be behind it all.


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