Hold (Hold & Hide Book 1)

| June 15, 2015


Hold: Hold & Hide Book 1

This isn’t your typical dystopian, because Claire Connelly is not your typical girl. She’s smart, compassionate, and … weak. But that very weakness, she’s told, is her biggest strength.

Along with hundreds of other twins, Claire and Audrey are sent away to an experiment where strange things happen. The television talks to them and she has a name. The little box in the corner glows when it’s time for a daily blood draw. And memories blur and disappear, distorting reality more and more each day.

As Claire struggles to discover the purpose of the experiments, she loses pieces of herself and just as she feels an urge to fight back … she’s left with a choice that will define her future in ways she doesn’t want to be defined. In ways that will ruin her and everything she is.

There’s no way out for Claire Connelly, but she’s determined to find one.

You’ve Been Warned! This dystopian novella is the first part of a two book psychological ride and DOES include a cliffhanger. HIDE, the full length sequel, will be released late spring 2015.


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