Antigone Princess of the Nature Benders

| November 8, 2017


Antigone is a secretive young woman with a half forgotten past. As a princess of another world, she has the special ability to bend nature. Her mother had brought her to Earth as a girl to escape the wrath of her murderous uncle. When her mother is then tragically killed, she is left there orphaned and alone. After many years, the realization of her life’s purpose, long submerged in her conscience, begins to resurface in her mind.

When a young man crashes through her loneliness and stirs up her emotions, her life is forever changed. Together, they return to her wondrous world where an alliance of people and nature is the norm. At their arrival, they find a place where her uncle had severed this bond and in its place, set nature in a state of upheaval. Only by Antigone reclaiming her royal birthright and deposing the evil king, can nature in chaos be changed to calm again.

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