Mindfulness Manual: Meditation Techniques To Eliminate Stress, Stop Worrying, And Start Living In The Present

| June 20, 2015


Mindfulness Manual: Meditation Techniques To Eliminate Stress, Stop Worrying, And Start Living In The Present (mindfulness, meditation, stress relief, anxiety relief, relaxation)

Conquer Anxiety, Stress, And Get On With Being Happy!

Is Life Always Moving Too Fast? Are You Always Stressed out?

Time to kick that stress out for good with the ultimate Mindfulness Manual for just $0.99!

Everyday, we’re bombarded with all kinds of external influencers, whether it’s advertising, opinions of others, our favorite television shows, or even the musicians we invite into our headphones. After a certain point, there always comes the question, “Do I even know what thoughts are mine anymore?” The speed at which these external ideas are, almost literally, shoved down our throat is increasing at a even more rapid pace as the Internet seeps into more and more areas of our lives.

In fact, we’ve gotten so used to it that we think this constant stress and anxiety that we’re experiencing is a natural state of mind, that we’re supposed to think like that. Well, I have some good news for you…it doesn’t have to be that way, and millions of people everyday are reverting back to the time tested techniques of ancient meditation to deal with the problem.

I’m one of the people who recognize the problem, and that’s why I wrote this book. In this book, I will teach you a series of mindfulness meditation and relaxation techniques that you can start using today for immediate stress relief. Many of these date back thousands of years, but I have updated them for a modern audience and a modern life. There is never a better time to take control of your stress and anxiety than now.

Here Is A Sneak Peek Of What I Will Teach You…

  • The Scientific Background Of Mindfulness
  • The 6 Life-Changing Benefits Of Mindfulness
  • The 3 Key Objectives Of Meditation
  • My #1 Favorite Mindfulness Exercise
  • My 5-Step Relaxing Sensory Stimulation Method
  • My Euphoric Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique
  • My Mindfulness Morning Ritual
  • My “Stop” Anxiety Reduction Strategy
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today for a limited time offer of only $0.99! There’s no reason to live with chronic stress or anxiety ever again!

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  1. It’s amazing what mindfulness has done for myself and my personal training clients! Three years ago I attended a retreat in Guatemala and practiced meditation, yoga, and sustainable farming. While meditation was a challenge at first, I was able to persevere with the help of several mentors.

    I have no doubt that this book will provide the same guidance I needed at the time.