Bonsai: An Introduction to Raising Bonsai Trees

| June 21, 2015


Bonsai: An Introduction to Raising Bonsai Trees (Garden Life)

Growing and Working With Bonsai Trees!

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This charming book contains many tips and strategies for growing and raising a Bonsai Tree. Perfectly suited for the beginner, this book clearly explains what you will need to know to care for and enjoy your Bonsai Tree.

These miniature trees have captivated people for over one thousand years. They are grown for their beauty and taking care of them is often seen as a meditative practice. You do not have to be an expert Bonsai Grower with many years of experience to reap the benefits of this ancient artform; Bonsai Trees are for everyone! This book explains the basics of Bonsai growing in plain language and will have you ready to care for your Bonsai in no time at all.

Inside you will find…

  • A Short History of Bonsai Trees
  • Traditional Bonsai Styles
  • Non- Traditional Bonsai Styles
  • An Overview of Different Species of Bonsai
  • Tips for Growing and Caring for your Tree
  • And Much More….

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