Rome: Roman Empire: Ancient Rome & The Rise & Fall

| June 21, 2015


ROME:  Roman Empire: Ancient Rome & The Rise & Fall (Ancient History, Roman Military, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Greek Mythology, Norse Mythology)

Learn the Epic Story of the Roman Empire!

Are you fascinated by Ancient Rome? Would you like to know more about Caesar, Augustus, and Constantine? Is it time to dig in and really get to know this culture that shaped the world for millennia?

When you download Rome: Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, your knowledge will expand every day! You’ll learn about Rome’s roots in the aftermath of the Trojan War, and its mythical founders, Romulus and Remus.

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Rome shifted from Monarchy to Republic, only to be remade by the iconic Julius Ceasar. Rome: Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire tells his life story from his birth to his assassination. You’ll learn about his military victories and political legacy, from the First Triumvirate to his Consulship and Dictatorship. This book even helps you understand how his death led to the forming of the Second Triumvirate.

You’ll also learn about how the line of Emperors that followed Julius Caesar began to decline. Despite the unifying efforts of Constantine, the Roman Empire eventually broke into pieces. This book explains how the West fell, and the East survived – at least for a while.

Download Rome: Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire now, and become well-versed in this essential and exciting period of World History!

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