The Journey Home

| June 22, 2015


The Journey Home

The story of an extraordinary butterfly and his search for the meaning of life.

Little Jack Butterfly has been born into a barren world. Every living thing has been killed off by a plague known as the Brown Silence. Who he is and why he’s been brought here are what he must discover or his world is doomed to a bleak eternity. Will the clues left behind by his mother and her loyal friend, Freddy Hummingbird, be of any help to him in his quest? Or is the little butterfly fated to spend the rest of his days in loneliness and desolation?

Strap yourself in for a heart-stopping ride with a single-minded butterfly as his determined search takes him, not only around the world, but almost to the horizon of the universe itself. And only when he finds himself at the feet of the Great Eagle, who stands guard steadfastly at God’s door, does the little butterfly learn the true reason for his existence. But even that knowledge isn’t enough for the butterfly to complete his mission. For if he doesn’t learn one thing more, all is lost.


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