King’s Reaping (Book 1: The Legacy Series)

| June 23, 2015


King's Reaping: The Legacy Series, Book One

The incredible ending in Warrior’s Ascension leads to the first novel in Jason Varrone’s epic fantasy fiction saga – The Legacy Series.
The barbarian Rexhall strives to stake his claim as the new ruler of the Kingdom of Rothesia and restore his people from banishment. His quest sweeps up Raelyn, a warrior with a tragic past, when her adoptive father is brutally killed by servants of the usurper. She is forced to race toward the castle of the king, desperate to warn him of the treachery. Schemes, deceit, and violence explode across the kingdom, with slavery and tyranny threatening to swallow decades of peace. Now only Raelyn and Prince Arryn, whose dark secret could destroy the kingdom even without Rexhall, are in a position to untangle barbarian plans born of decades of hatred.

The Legacy Series Reading Order
Warrior’s Ascension (prequel) – available individually and included in King’s Reaping (book one)
King’s Reaping (book one) – now available
Heir’s Defiance (book two) – now available
Birthright’s Price (book three) – available late 2015


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