Body Sculpting Exercises for Women Over 40 (Fit Expert Series – Book 5)

| April 23, 2013

Body Sculpting Exercises for Women Over 40 (Fit Expert Series - Book 5)

The Fit Expert Series of books are not like any other health and fitness books!

Tips, tricks, exercises and advice is presented to you by not just one but a number of top health and fitness experts.

Look Amazing at 40+

Body Sculpting Exercises for Women Over 40 is a 7 chapter, no fluff guide for any woman who wants to look and feel the best they can be.

As with all the, “Fit Expert Series” books this volume delves into the heart and soul of looking great at 40 and beyond.

As we get older our bodies change and gravity begins to kick in. We lose more and more muscle tone and so in order to stay strong and look youthful we need to incorporate a regular health and fitness program into our lives.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to train seven days a week for 4 hours a day and eat like a rabbit. No, you need to live your life, but you also need to take a little extra care of your body as you age.

Who Can Benefit from this Book?

First of all you don’t have to be aged 40 to enjoy the benefits that this book has to offer. All information provided is primarily directed at the older woman but the exercises and routines can be used by anyone younger.

  • Women who are noticing certain areas of their bodies beginning to sag and want to take control to firm those areas up.
  • Women who are not sure what type of program is best for them and would like to choose which they feel would suit their lifestyle best.
  • Women searching for the ideal nutrition plan.
  • Women who are very busy and only have a small amount of time to train each day.
  • Women who are out of shape, maybe have been living a sedentary lifestyle, and want to break the cycle by living a healthier life.
  • Women who don’t feel comfortable going to the gym and want an exercise program they can follow at home.
  • Women who are bored with the same old advice and same old exercise workouts.
  • Women who want to improve their confidence so as they can get all they can out of life.
  • Women who are already living a healthy lifestyle and want to learn more about bettering themselves mentally and physically.
  • Women who are single and want to look at their best when going on dates.
  • Women who want to try new experiences and discover their personal best with whatever they do.
  • Men can do these programs too. Hey why not? If you are a couple why not train together.

Each chapter in this book has been written by a different expert. The information offered by these trainers are unique to this book and will provide you with the tools to look and feel amazing.

How Can this Book Help Improve your Life?

  1. You will discover ways to lift and firm up your breasts and buttocks. Just by firming up these areas alone will improve the overall shape of your body.
  2. Your toned thighs will look amazing in a skirt or pants.
  3. Physical activities will get easier as you get stronger. That means improved exercise performance and more fun playing the sports you enjoy.
  4. You will have clearer skin. You won’t need to spend time putting on and taking off make-up to hide any wrinkles.
  5. Mentally you will feel more vibrant and generally happier. This is a huge benefit as increased confidence can help in all areas of life.
  6. Improved posture and general balance. A better posture means you will not only look amazing but feel that way also.
  7. Your confidence will skyrocket.
  8. You will save money, (no gym membership or personal training bills).
  9. You will look and feel younger.
  10. Add years to your life. If you are going to live longer you may as well enjoy those years in health.

The benefits are almost endless. For the price of this one book you will have all the information you need to achieve your goals to looking great.

Here is the list of fitness experts who contributed to this book:

Forbes Riley
Linda T. Gottlieb
Dr. Marisa R. Silver
Susan Grossman
Warren T. Martin
Danny Kavadlo
Meredith Bartolomei


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  1. John Mann says:

    Great free book. As a male personal trainer in my 20s any extra insight I can get for helping work with older clients is a bonus!