Billy Makes a New Friend!

| June 24, 2015


Children's book:

Billy is growing up to be a big boy, but he is still too young to play with his big brother’s friends!

All he wants is somebody to play with.

One day, his mother’s friend and her little boy Chris came over. Mom and her friend had coffee and talked.

Billy took Chris into his room to play, but Billy did not want to share his toys;

he gave Chris an old ball to play with!

How can Billy make friends if he doesn’t know how to share?

Join Billy as he learns a great lesson in sharing. Making friends is not so hard after all!

Does your child know how to make friends? Does he like to share his toys and games?

I hope your children like my book, and find out the benefit of sharing and making new friends.

This colorful book is excellent as a bedtime story for early learners and beginner readers.


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