One Summer In Montmartre

| June 24, 2015



A timeslip story of love, loss and obsession.

Anna’s curiosity is aroused when a love letter signed by the artist of her favourite painting is discovered. Even though she’s still grieving from the sudden death of her son, she decides to visit Paris to see if she can learn anything about the mysterious Hélène to whom the letter is addressed. In Montmartre Anna is thrown together with Francois, whose help becomes invaluable, and she finds herself struggling to overcome her growing attraction to him.

Luc Marteille is a volatile artist attracted to the new Impressionist movement. Known as a devoted family man, he becomes obsessed with a young model, Hélène. Despite being engaged, Hélène is flattered by Luc’s attentions, and develops feelings for him that could jeopardize her future.

Connected by an artist’s painting, though separated by time, conflicts between duty and desire weave a common thread throughout these two tales.


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