Some of My Best Friends Are Plants: A Short Memoir

| April 23, 2013

Some of My Best Friends Are Plants: A Short Memoir

Having a relationship with plants isn’t always easy. Just ask Diane. She never would have guessed her humble beginnings as a child weed picker would help prepare her for the life of herbalism and botanical bliss.

A self-proclaimed “lousy gardener,” she admits her friendship with all things green and leafy isn’t always glamorous. There are unattractive flower beds in her yard. Weeds take prominence in her landscaping. And her vegetable gardens look more like uncontrolled Amazon underbrush. But as long as she’s surrounded by plants, she’s happy.

In this new memoir by bestselling Kindle book author Diane Kidman, readers will get a personal look at her funny but flawed relationship with plants. From messy herbal experiments in her kitchen to getting lost in the woods without snacks, this fast-paced read will keep you laughing.

Includes a bonus section of Diane’s recipes and remedies from the Herbs Gone Wild series, Teas for Life, Smoothie Power, and Nature to the Rescue.


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