Running for Fat Loss & Fitness – Lose Weight & Discover How to Run Safely & Effortlessly

| April 23, 2013

Running for Fat Loss & Fitness - Lose Weight & Discover How to Run Safely & Effortlessly




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Running for Fat Loss & Fitness is an ideal book
for anyone who has decided to take up running for recreation or a way to lose
some of those extra pounds.

Whether you have been running for a while or just started
running this book delves into various ways of running safely and effortlessly.

Note: This is not a book that just focuses on one method of running.
Each chapter has condensed all the information needed to understand the various
and most popular forms of running. The chapters get straight to the meat of the
subject detailing what you need to know about each area of running.

This book would be
ideal for:

  • Anyone who feels that they are out of shape and
    need to start a fitness routine that is not too taxing or time consuming.
  • An inactive person who wants to shed a few extra
    pounds of fat, lose weight and get fit at the same time.
  • Anyone who is new to exercise and wants to
    strengthen and tone their body.
  • Anyone who is new to running and wants to know
    what the best styles are to get started with.
  • The active runner who is thinking about changing
    running styles.
  • Anyone who just loves running.

A huge advantage for purchasing this book, (besides the ridiculously low price!),
is that you have the opportunity to learn about the most popular styles of
running without having to buy a book for each individual style.

That is the purpose of this book! Get the basics from all
styles, choose the one that suits you best and then follow that path.

The main types of running the book looks
into are:

  • Running for Beginners
  • Barefoot Running
  • Chi Running
  • Running for Weight Loss

Barefoot running and chi-running are growing in popularity every year. Learn
and understand the basics of both before deciding on which one would best suit


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