Orchestra of Shadows (Shatterspace Book 1)

| June 25, 2015


Orchestra of Shadows (Shatterspace Book 1)

The Earth was obliterated by an unknown force. The Cataclysm. After the Cataclysm, humanity struggled to survive without the central hub of the Interstellar Federation. Bloody wars burned across the galaxy. After the ash had finally settled, a disease spread across the galaxy that split humanity into two different races. The wars re-ignited between the two races: the “Vampires” of the Blood Dynasty and the “Normals” of the rest of the galaxy.

The “Vampire” and “Blood Wars” raged for years. Now, nearly twenty years after the end of the Blood Wars, an uneasy peace has settled across the galaxy. There are talks of an actual peace treaty between the Galactic Union and the Blood Dynasty, perhaps even an unlikely alliance. Actual, lasting peace may finally come to the galaxy.

In the midst of the peace talks, starship Exodus is preparing for its voyage across the cosmos. Exodus will take volunteers to a new life in the Andromeda galaxy. Jacob Carpenter, down on his luck, decides to take a chance and volunteer. However, Jacob finds himself in the middle of a dark conspiracy. A conspiracy orchestrated by forces that believe the best way to create the lasting peace is the bloodbath of a final war. A war that will shatter space itself.


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