The Key to the Ranch (An Alexander Wright Mystery Adventure Book 6)

| September 23, 2016


The discovery of a fifty-year-old corpse leads Alex and his law enforcement friends on an amazing new adventure. How can you investigate a cold case that is this old? Where do you begin? What do you plan to learn? What will represent the end of the search – truth, blame, or just an unanswerable question?

And so it begins, the sixth story in the Alex Wright mystery series – with Alex Wright, the Laguna Beach surfing real estate appraiser. He discovers the skeletal remains while measuring a house for an appraisal. Now he feels compelled to dig deep into the past to find out what happened on that certain day in February, 1957.

As a newlywed, Alex has much on his mind. The red hot Orange County real estate market is peaking. His new bride, Rachel Fix, is adjusting to the settled life after a decade on the Pro Surfing Tour. But there is a mystery to be solved. The excitement and compelling action build from there, leading to a guaranteed shocking conclusion!

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