The Jared Lagdon Files:Dr. Rayther’s Game

| June 27, 2015


The Jared Lagdon Files:Dr. Rayther's Game

If you were sixteen and asked to save the world, would you be up for the challenge? What would you do if you were being attacked at every turn, and you didn’t know why? What if you didn’t know who you could trust? Finally, what if you found out that everything going on was considered a game by the man orchestrating it.

These are the challenges faced by Jared, Nap, and Amy, three teens in over their heads. Doctor Rayther has specific reasons for bringing them into what he refers to as, “The game,” but is slow in revealing his motives. The teens have no choice but to “Play,” constantly avoiding hit men, and learning quickly that there is no one they can trust.

The further they travel from everything they know, the deeper they go into Doctor Rayther’s game, and the more they wonder if there is any way for them to win.


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