Darkness from Beyond (Nocturnia Book 1)

| June 27, 2015


Darkness from Beyond (Nocturnia Book 1)

The first novel of the Nocturnia Saga. Over 100,000 readers in Italy only!


A world where the Dark Power has eclipsed the sun and where the three magical Brotherhoods fight in an endless war. A world, very far from ours, but just a Gateway away from the Earth; where the wizard Lynerus has hidden the heiress of the ruling dynasty and the Seals, or three grimoires containing the Lost Knowledge.

Thomas Travers, an external colleague of the Washington D.C. police, met Diana, a fragile girl with a magical power that is growing within her like a malignant cancer, during the investigation of a bizarre murder. In order to save her and to help her to claim the throne of Nocturnia, he will have to face beings from another world, beyond the Gateway.

From the darkness.


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