Claire’s Hope (Love’s Enduring Promise Book 3)

| June 28, 2015


Claire's Hope: A Christian Romance Novel (Love's Enduring Promise Book 3)

Each book in the series can be read as a standalone novel

CLAIRE’S HOPE is book three of the Christian romance series, LOVE’S ENDURING PROMISE. Follow the lives of the men and women who have a unique connection with a little country town in Eastern Washington, and watch as their lives unfold as they face challenges of life, faith and love.

“Sometimes hope comes when we’re least expecting it.”

Claire Vander might be only eighteen years old, but she’s learning how hard life can get. What was supposed to be an amazing time in her life with graduation just around the corner, turns into a downward spiral she cannot get out of.

Sometimes God has to let us hit our bottom in order to bring us back up, and that’s just what happens to Claire. Starting with the death of her parents, Claire’s life soon begins to unravel quickly as she continuously tries in her own power to bring it all together. Sex, drugs and alcohol can’t solve her problems, but they are an easy distraction from them. Can Claire break her destructive cycle and find hope, redemption and what true love really means?

Love’s Enduring Promise

Book 1: The Perfect Cast

Book 2: Finding Love

Book 3: Claire’s Hope

Book 4: Dylan’s Faith (July 2015)


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