Murder: The Perfect Murder

| June 28, 2015


Murder: The Perfect Murder (Murder, Darkness, Suspense, Thriller, Twisted Plot, Mystery, Investigate, Loneliness, Shocking, Fear, Murder, Mysterious)


Murder 1: The Perfect Murder, George

Surrounded by the reminders of how social networking is changing relationships, George is left to make a decision which is life changing. In his sixties and tired of the way that people bury themselves in a false world, behind the anonymity of computer screens, George decides to take action.

Will the murder be the perfect murder? Will he leave no trace of his actions? This is a case of unplanned victory. As his wife, Vera, finds her end, George has to live with what he has done. A perfect murder leaves to real trace. A perfect murder leaves no regrets. How will a man in his senior years fight back against the perils of Facebook?

In this book, George Stringer is confronted by choices, put there by chance, and commits the perfect murder, a murder with few consequences and little regret. Will this gentle soul be suspected? Or does he have the answer to committing the perfect crime?

Murder 2: The Perfect Murder, Lisa’s Fate

When life seems to be going nowhere and your relationship is decidedly dodgy, how do you move forward?

This was the dilemma which faced Lisa and Nigel. Lisa, with a past that haunts her, seems to be lost in her own world, while Nigel is trying to get her to snap out of it. He doesn’t know the secrets of her past. All he does know is that she has plans and that they don’t include him. Anger, jealousy and perhaps pride play in what happens during this story.

Follow the path of the relationship between them and find out what happens. It’s a story that could happen to anyone, though it’s probably a good thing that most readers will have more common sense than to believe stories told to them by postings on Facebook. How does this come into the story? Read it and you will find the answers.

Murder 3: The Perfect Murder, Winner takes all

When students get together, after the disappearance of another student, they decide to go on an adventure. Each year, the dorms have challenges and the challenge this year is to come up with the perfect murder scenario, one where the killer gets away with murder and no trace is left to identify who that murderer is.

Coming up with different scenarios, who will be the winner? Alec and Jamie, Shayne and Andy go through the fun of using imagination to conjure up that perfect kill. Who will win? Is it a question of who comes up with the most realistic murder, or the more popular one?

Readers will take this journey with the students as they delve into the world of killing and make their decision on the winning player. Will any of their ideas be good enough to take that challenge cup this year?

Murder 4: The Perfect Murder, Imperfect Recall

Brought up in a small town, Shelley escapes the mundane and grasps the opportunity to become married to Mike.

The story tells of the horrors of domestic violence and shows how Shelley and her daughter, Chloe, cope with the unpredictable nature of domestic violence. The story goes through the events that take the reader through the thoughts of mother, father and daughter, each told from their own perspective. Where the story goes is for the reader to discover.

Each of the events described is fictional, though every day in the United States, there are 24 people every minute that suffer violence at the hands of their partner. That’s an incredible amount though is one of the reasons for the choice of this themed story.

Read what happens to Shelley, Chloe and her father to put an end to the chain of events that leads to killing within the family household.


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