The Heart Asks No Questions: Sylvia’s Story (Heart Series – Second Chance at Romance Book 1)

| July 2, 2015


The Heart Asks No Questions - Sylvia's Story: Companion Novella to Spring Fever and Black Chocolate (Heart Series - Second Chance at Romance Book 1)

Four women, four second chances at romance and love—The Heart Asks No Questions, companion novellas to the Sex and the Seasons series, tell the stories of their hopes and dreams. Book One is Sylvia’s story—compelling, emotional and exquisitely romantic.

She is sexy, attractive, a talented actress and promiscuous. At thirty-nine, Sylvia Baintz has it all but longs to give it up and settle down. But not with a man. When her agent suddenly passes away, she jumps at the opportunity to take over the files and to run the agency from her Vancouver home. While she clears out boxes to make room for her new office, she comes across a diary written by her late mother. Not only does the diary give Sylvia a glimpse into her grandmother and mother’s mysterious lives but it also brings up many new questions.

On a whim, she travels to Oxford Mills, a hamlet in eastern Ontario, where she hopes to find answers to these questions.

Will she also find out why she’s so frivolous in all matters of the heart and why she’s unable to fall in love again? Is it because of her frigid upbringing or because of her failed only relationship sixteen years ago with Jeremy Brooks (Spring Fever and Black Chocolate)? Could it be that she’s incapable of committing to a stable relationship?

In Oxford Mills, and when least expected, Sylvia finds herself against all odds inexplicably drawn to a man. For the first time since her breakup with Jeremy Brooks, she feels an immediate and total attraction. But then, to her dismay, she discovers that falling for this man may be taboo, and that her second chance at love may be nothing but an unattainable dream.

Will Sylvia’s heart get broken again?


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