Patriotic Offerings by Members of The Military: 25 Inspirational Short Stories

| July 2, 2015


PATRIOTIC OFFERINGS by Members of The Military: 25 Inspirational Short Stories (PREQUEL TO STOLEN INHERITANCE - A True Story of Oil, Army and Murder -)


This short read is not intended to be a literary work of art. It’s a no fuss, no muss, keeping it real, compilation of 25 uplifting, feel-good narratives, shared by various members of the Military, active or retired.

This piece, in sort, is the prequel to STOLEN INHERITANCE – the inspirational true life story of my Army friend, Lee.

We all hear about the discouraging experiences about the military, but with around 1,361,755 active and 850,880 reserve personnel, the relevance and contribution of our Armed forces to our country and the world is extraordinary.

Considering the importance of our Armed forces and all the turmoil worldwide, I think we all need a bit of patriotism and positivity.

The truth is, there’s plenty of great stories out there, sure to awaken the patriot in all of us.

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