One Of These Things Reviews

| April 18, 2013


One Of These Things


“One Of These Things” is an interactive game featuring 100 fun picture puzzles made up of four pictures.

Three of the pictures are related but one of the pictures “…just doesn’t belong.”

When your child thinks they know which picture is not related to the others they click on the corresponding letter to see if they are right.

A right answer rewards them with a smiley face and the chance to move on to the next puzzle while wrong answers display a frowning face and they must try again.

Kid Tested!!

We gave a copy of this game to a local Day Care and the kids LOVED it and we know your kids will too!

The first 30 puzzles are designed to be simple so your child can grasp the concept of the game. But once they start to get more challenging your child will have to put their thinking cap on.

If your child is too young to click on an answer it is a perfect opportunity for you to sit and “play” with them as you teach them how to navigate on a Kindle helping them solve the harder puzzles.

This is NOT an app!!

It’s a unique Kindle book that utilizes the same interactive technology as all of our popular quiz books and will work on all Kindles as well as Mac/iPad and PC versions of the Kindle Reader.

Note: Not recommended for smartphones due to their small screen size.

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