Four Minutes Past Midnight – True tales of the supernatural

| April 18, 2013


Four Minutes Past Midnight - True tales of the supernatural


Do you know things that others don’t?

One man’s fascinating experience of the paranormal is set down, anecdote by strange anecdote, over the span of a “normal” lifetime without any exaggeration, or artificial literary techniques. While the reader will sense a terrific understatement running throughout you will be left in no doubt that “there are more things in heaven and earth, than are even dreamed of.”

The easy, “pick up and read” journal format allows the story to be read from almost any point, each chapter a self-contained sketch of a true episode in the life of the author since early childhood. We are reminded that these unusual occurrences are actual recorded events, not mere figments of a vivid imagination.

Several readers have already commented that this story has inspired them to write about their own personal experiences with the paranormal. You could find yourself among them ..

So enjoy yourselves, it’s later than you think!
Why, look! It’s already Four Minutes Past Midnight …

(A one page Epilogue has now been included)


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