The RiverTalker’s Daughter

| April 18, 2013


The RiverTalker's Daughter (A western thriller)

Ever since she was a teenager, Carmen Douglas couldn’t wait to finally say goodbye to Pronghorn, a small town that catered to tourists along a remote stretch of the Colorado river. When she receives word of her father’s death, she returns to Pronghorn with the idea that it will be her last trip. Yet while she settles her father’s affairs, she is confronted by events of her own past.

Tim was never interested in leaving his hometown and happy working for Carmen’s father taking guide trips up the river. And although Carmen ran off to Seattle to get far away from him and Pronghorn,Tim has never been able to forget her.

Gradually Carmen begins to see the things she missed in her small town. Faced with divorce from an unstable husband and a stressful advertising career, she begins to question whether she made the right choice of not letting herself fall in love with Tim when she had the chance.


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