When the Chips Are Down

| July 3, 2015


When the Chips Are Down: A Dystopian Nightmare Comes True

“A chilling science fiction thriller that will cause you to keep the pages turning.” – Red City Review

“Very thrilling and exciting book. A must have! Both teens and adults should read this book! Very enjoyable! Loved it!”—-Sam (Amazon Reviewer)

They’ve watched your every move and heard your words and now that you know the truth, they want your silence….forever!

They’re here for you now.

When Brooklyn awakes from a two year coma, the world around her has changed like she never imagined. Everyone is now required to have a microchip implanted in their arm, but it’s no ordinary microchip.

Her friends are convinced that the chip controls people’s minds, as they’ve seen everyone’s behavior become increasingly strange. While seeking refuge on a secluded farm with her friends, Brooklyn learns of a secret plot that will ultimately destroy the lives of many. She and her friends must act to expose the truth before it’s too late.


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