Cyber Security Principles: Mobile Devices – Security Hazards and Threats – 2nd Edition

| July 6, 2015


Cyber Security Principles: Mobile Devices - Security Hazards and Threats - 2nd Edition (Computer Security)

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Cyber security is the evolving challenge for the contemporary cyber space. Not only the official and governmental databases and systems are facing the cyber security challenges, but all sorts of personal gadgets are in a need to get equipped with necessary security measures. Many of us ignore this aspect of cyber space and think that personal gadgets are not in a need to be secure and private. The book is written to undo this myth.

After evaluating this book the reader will unquestionably get and delineate about the threats of security to the personal gadgets and make the necessary adjustments in the right direction. All basics are covered, even though not in a thorough yet in an ample way to intricate the readers that what are the concerns of security to the personal gadgets of different sorts and what are the options to minimize these threats.

In the book we have not only mentioned the necessary threats of the cyber security but we have tried to guide our readers in a diagnostic perspective so that our readers can easily detect the potential threat of a security attack. We have extended extensive effort in doing so.

Our manuscript will revolve around the following topic:

  • The preliminary introduction necessary for knowing the cyber security of personal gadgets



  • The cyber security concerns of smart phones, both from the individual as well as from the enterprise perspective



  • The detailed information n the cyber security of tablets



  • The prerequisites of the cyber security of computing systems



  • The cyber security pertaining to different cyber games


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