Captivate (Alien Cadets Book 2)

| July 6, 2015


Captivate: A Young Adult Science Fiction Romance Novel (Alien Cadets Book 2)

Sixteen-year-old Akemi technically died when aliens used her brain tissue in a biotech experiment and discarded her body. No one was more surprised than her when she awoke as a hybrid artificial intelligence. Now she has sentient status and cannot be terminated, but she is far from safe. When the space station that holds her biocomputer is attacked, she escapes the flames, but is suspected of involvement with the sabotage. It’s going to be hard to prove her innocence when people already question her existence.

Determined to discover who is truly responsible for the attack, Akemi and her sister set out to track the other suspects to a foreign world far from Earth.

Accompanied by capable Sam and irrepressible assassin Shara, they find themselves drawn into a political game with one of the most powerful aliens in the galaxy. He’s a collector of rare things and he has several items to cross off.

Akemi is next.


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