Game of Confessions

| July 6, 2015


Game of Confessions


Vivian Van Dawson has it all; beauty, brains, a loving husband, more than a billion dollars’ worth of inheritance and a callous oblivion to the wolves in sheep’s clothing that surround her.

Besides his good looks, ambition and emasculating wife, Philip Lopez has nothing. He is a poor Cuban immigrant in search of the American dream. His fate makes a 360 turn when he finds himself in a car accident that threatens his life.

Vivian Van Dawson and Philip Lopez wake up in adjoined coffins. At first, it feels like a dream, but cold reality sets in when they receive a phone call from an unknown kidnapper who gives them twenty-four hours to confess their sins. Why are they trapped? Most importantly, who trapped them?

Agent McGuinness and Agent Rosenberg trample among themselves to solve this high profile kidnap case. Soon, they realize this sick game of confessions is far-fetched. No one is innocent. Everyone is a suspect. The clock is ticking.


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