Within An Inch of the Moon (Noah Tyler Book 1)

| July 8, 2015


Within An Inch of the Moon (Noah Tyler Book 1)

Noah Tyler was a year from completing college, marrying Aubrey and settling down. Life changed when he got shot in the head and his entire family was murdered. Aubrey used her magnificent beauty to lure men into professional sexual encounters. Lester manipulated the army as a convenience to steal what he wanted whenever he chose until his Humvee traveled over a bomb. Losing his leg created a war of turmoil and fury searching payment for the loss of his limb. Sophia bullied as a child and convinced her childhood weight and looks would remain through life, focused on a nursing career to forget further humiliation. When the four meet albeit through unorthodox situations, everything changes. Noah wakes from a deep coma and discovers the voice he’s been hearing belongs to Sophia, his nurse. It takes time for him to realize she has been mentally damaged and not worthy of such a handsome man’s affections, but Noah has unexpected issues and the biggest one is a lack of memory. Unable to escape or find safe ground, the four travel rough waters. Wading through deprivation, crime, and a world of ugliness brings hope to some and ways to triumphantly beat the devil at his own game for the rest.


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