End Boss (Berserk Warfare Book 1)

| July 8, 2015


End Boss (Berserk Warfare Book 1)

Barely 50 years passed after the 2940 Planetary War, leaving humanity on the brink of extinction. In a desperate attempt to stop another savage war from occurring, the nation governments were forced to unite and form the first Planetary Government to bring everyone in the world together. Peace settled across the planet for a few more decades, bringing about hope and faith for the future. However, a new enemy emerges out of the blue threatening to destroy every living organism on earth. An alien swarm of beasts the likes of which no one had ever encountered. They appeared without warning and destroyed everything in their paths. Several cities were laid to waste within months, bringing an era of terror and suffering upon the earth. Even with aid of advanced technological weapons, the government’s attempts to stop and contain the creatures all fail. The one sided battle with the creatures continues for four more years without any hope of victory. Secretly, the government sends a small elite force of soldiers and scientist to the creatures’ home planet in attempts the uncover secrets behind the creatures’ strength and mysterious appearance on earth. What the secret team uncovers on the alien planet is a secret so big it could descend earth even further into chaos.


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