Cruising for Love

| July 8, 2015


Cruising for Love (Contemporary Romance)

Margaret Kassmel, a hard-working waitress and a passionate dancer, gets a job as dancing instructor on a luxury cruise ship. For two weeks she will be teaching two dance classes per day. The rest of the time, she will be free to enjoy the vacation of her dreams. Several days before the cruise, during her shift at the café, Margaret waits on Dominic Graham, the most handsome and most annoying customer she has ever had. She hates him instantly and hopes that their paths will never cross again. Dominic, the CEO of Hamilton International, is about to marry the daughter of multibillionaire George Hamilton and become extraordinarily rich. It is the peak of his career, the success he has always strived to reach, yet he feels strangely unsatisfied. A luxury cruise sounds like a perfect opportunity to go unnoticed and to relax before his life shifts into the next stage. On the first night at dinner, Margaret is shocked to find herself seated next to Dominic. She is still boiling mad about their disastrous encounter at the café. Dominic can’t explain why, but he is drawn to Margaret and tries to apologize to her. Although Margaret gives him the cold shoulder at first, a spark flies and their relationship develops from initial attraction to passionate love. The cruise stops at beautiful destinations and Dominic and Margaret have the best time of their lives as their vacation gets closer to the end. When Margaret discovers Dominic’s secret he realizes that he will need to make an extremely difficult decision in order to save what he values most.


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