Warm Sunbeams

| July 10, 2015


Warm Sunbeams

Warm Sunbeams

Holocaust Love Story

The horrors of the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis during World War II are the starting point to a touching story that unites young Israelis who have visited the death camp, with their peers from Germany.

>>> Dreams can come true

This heart-stopping book, brings together young people from both sides of the tragedy who first meet during a visit to the death camp in Auschwitz. This Holocaust love story shows the difference in world-outlook and in the upbringing of young people in Germany and in Israel. We see that dreams can come true, that there is hope. We can build a new world, a better world, one where the warm beams of the sun light and melt our hearts.

Was my grandfather here?

“Rain poured on the roof tower for hours. Here and there, a flash of blue in the sky illuminated the surrounding area and its beauty, but then the rain would grow stronger and it even turned into hail at one point. A strong wind blew the hailstones into the open windows of the tower’s top floor, crashing in and breaking open on the wooden floor, leaving pools of water as they melted. Mark stood here on the watchtower of Birkenau concentration camp in Auschwitz and tried to make out the meaning of the giant sign over the gate to the camp. Arbeit macht frei, it said-Work brings freedom. A chill tingled down his spine, and to his surprise, he found that his teeth were chattering nonstop. Was my grandfather here? He found himself thinking.”

>>> A message from the heart: There is hope

This Holocaust Love Story demonstrates that there is hope, there are dreams that can manifest, can be bridged gentle tenderness and pain outweighs their differences and create a new, better, where warm sun shining and heartening. The conclusion of the book can be applied to the vastness of our world, wherever there is drama, conflict, hatred, war and pain. Slowly, gently and with good will, you can undo the good the bad to a pleasant and good life.

About the Author

Porat is an expert on business and business strategy. He is a Ph.D., 1988, P. W. enrepneaur, Served in roles as CEO, Chairman, Director, Hitech enrepneaur and more. Porat served as a Tank commander in the IDF, andounder and leader of a strategic team, reporting directly to the IDF’s chief of staff. Porat is an author of three successful books on marketing. He is a fluent, exciting writer and he promises the reader a riveting reading experience. This book combines real information with much imagination. The characters from Israel, Germany, and New York are all parts of humanity, for both good and evil. I believe in good, although evil does exist. We can’t know its origin, and therefore we should all try to live in grace, generosity, and kindness to minimize its effects.

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