Favorite Veggie Nosh From Bulgaria (European Cookbook Series)

| April 19, 2013


Favorite Veggie Nosh From Bulgaria (European Cookbook Series)

Favorite Veggie Nosh from Bulgaria!

The depth and variety of Bulgarian cuisine comes as a surprise to lots of people because it is quite an interesting blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean ingredients and flavors.
In Bulgaria food is still cooked with fresh, natural products that are slowly prepared on low heat. Bulgarian vegetable dishes are delicious, healthy and suitable for all weight control diets. They are also easy to prepare with common fruit and vegetables, legumes and herbs as well as the best yogurt and feta cheese in the world!
Favorite Veggie Nosh from Bulgaria is a collection of my family’s favorite vegetarian dishes, recipes that we have used for years and have been tested over and over again.

My veggie recipes are:

1.1. Shopska Salad
1.2. Snow White Salad
1.3. Green Salad
1.4. Roasted Aubergines and Peppers Relish
1.5. Russian Salad
1.6. Fried Zucchinis with Yogurt Sauce
1.7. Potato Salad
1.8. Garlic Dip
1.9. White Bean Salad
1.10. Cabbage Salad
1.11. Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes
1.12. Roasted Peppers with Garlic and Parsley
1.13. Shepherds’ Salad
1.14. Okra Salad
1.15. Cucumber Salad
2.1. Monastery Style White Bean Soup
2.2. Tarator – Bulgarian Cold Cucumber Soup
2.3. Spinach Soup
2.4. Nettle Soup
2.5. Thick Herb Soup
2.6. Lentil Soup
3.1. Baked Beans
3.2. Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers
3.3. Stuffed Peppers with Eggs and Feta Cheese
3.4. Stuffed Red Bell Peppers with White Beans
3.5. Monastery Stew
3.6. Stuffed Aubergines
3.7. Potato and Leek Stew
3.8. Spinach with Rice
3.9. Feta Cheese Stuffed Zucchinis
3.10. Mish-Mash
3.11. Feta Cheese Baked In Foil
3.12. Potatoes Baked in Milk
3.13. Stuffed Grapevine Leaves – Lozovi Sarmi
3.14. Breaded Cheese
3.15. Stewed Green Beans
3.16. Cabbage and Rice Stew
3.17. Patatnik – Potato Pie from the Rhodope Mountains
3.18. Panagiurishte-Style Eggs
3.19. Stuffed Cabbage Leaves – Zelevi Sarmi
3.20. New Potatoes with Herbs
3.21. Banitsa – Bulgarian Cheese Pastry
3.22. Spinach-Cheese Pastry
4.1. Baked Apples
4.2. Fried Bread Slices – French Toast
4.3. Pumpkin Banitsa
4.4. Sweet Balls with Syrup
4.5. Bulgarian Cake
4.6. Caramel Cream
4.7. Bulgarian Rice Pudding
4.8. Baklava – Walnut Pie


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