Serendipity In The New York City

| July 11, 2015


FAMILY LOVE: Serendipity In The New York City (Contemporary Father Daughter)

Set in the heart of New York City, this is a tale that spans the life of more than one family and the love of daughter. It is strange as to how different sets of events occurring in varying span of times can often interweave together and form one big picture of the puzzle called life.

This is the story of a Dad and his little girl Callie and how life unfolds for them. It takes you through the heart wrenching love between a dad and a daughter. The story then takes turns as it touches the love between a couple and how love is so mighty powerful that it becomes the reason for someone‘s life.

Amidst all the events and stories, we finally see how karma keeps track of every single thing. Destiny and serendipity play a strange role as incidents that occur in different places of New York City finally amalgamate to give rise to a different end.

It is very hard to know what life has in store. This story touches all the different aspects of life and shows how love unites people in strangest of circumstances. The book of life is very queer. No one knows what shall happen in the next page so; all we need to do is cruise along.

Callie is trapped in an accident but does he make it? Is there more to her death than just an accident? Can her shadow make its presence felt?

Read the story to know how karma misses none, yet serendipity does more than hurt!


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