Hand of the Dryad (Knights of the Red Branch Book 2)

| July 12, 2015


Hand of the Dryad (Knights of the Red Branch Book 2)

Only one thing stands between Sin and her knighthood, Finley Connelly – The golden boy of the Red Branch School. His too-handsome looks even mirror the mural of the school’s greatest hero. Defeating him with his superior Sidhe magic and quick bow is near to impossible, so the school’s patroness offers Sin an alternative final exam; to complete a quest in the woods of the Dryad of Death. This is a worthy mission, one fraught with dangers.

Which is exactly why Finley won’t let her go it alone. He likes Sin too much to allow the combination of her lesser fey magic and unfaltering determination get her killed. But when the ‘golden boy’ takes a magical wound that shatters the very essence of who he is, and who everyone expected him to become, the enchantment drags him into the bowels of a dark and deadly magic.

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Adventure

Series: Knights of the Red Branch

Episode: 2 of 3

This is the third book in a Young Adult Fantasy serial with each part being approx. 60-65 pages each. It is not a standalone and is not intended to be read out of order.
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  1. Thanks! Need to read it right away. Ordering now.

  2. Pandey says:

    I liked the first one much better. Second one was not so good. Hoping that 3rd one will be good.