How to Coach Your Child: The Ultimate Guide containing All the Tips, Techniques and All Your Child Needs to Learn to Improve Soccer Skills

| July 13, 2015


Soccer: Tips, Techniques and Secrets Your Child Needs to Learn to Improve Soccer Skills - How to Coach Your Child! (soccer tips, soccer coaching, soccer drills, soccer books, how to play soccer)

Welcome to Your Ultimate Guide to Coach Your Kids and Improve their Improve Soccer Skills!

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Got a kid with burning desire to be the next Thierry Henry?

Do you want to give the child your two cents about soccer but got nothing?
This is a soccer coaching guide to help parents to understand the basics, techniques and relevant skills a young soccer player should learn so as to improve on his game.

The guide is aimed at providing relevant resources to the youth soccer coach. Most great soccer players can trace back their success to their young age coaching. This underscores the need for a youth coach to provide quality skills and training to the young ages. This guide will help to outline what is expected of both the youth and their coaches while undertaking the sport.

There is need for an elaborate, child-centered and positive experience for youth soccer to ensure quality growth of the sport. This resource will focus on equipping young ages below the age of 15 years. This guide places an outstanding purpose for youth coaching around the conventions related to the activities at such young ages.

The guide for young ages is a gold mine resource studded with the relevant information for rookie and neophyte soccer players. The manual will help young ages to acquaint themselves with the shrewdness necessary as they morph through the sport into a professional career in football. Our guide equips the youth coaches with the apt skills and ideas to nurture young talents and shape them appropriately in the game.

The book emphasizes the need for coaches to keep on learning the skills through soccer clinics. Interactively liaise with your local clubs, leagues and associations for better understanding of the sport.

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